Just who in the world do we think we are!?!

Welcome to The Perspective Collective, an online community dedicated to creativity, knowledge, humor, and inspiration.

We write about things we think are cool, read about things you think are cool, and project our collective gaze into a colorful montage. We throw ideas, words, sounds and images into a blender, add a cupful of imagination, and set speed on high (or at least frappe)! Our goal is to see things in a different light, to gain a deeper understanding of the world and of the collective all while enjoying ourselves. That’s right, we’re just lookin’ for a good time!

Spend a few minutes to partake in a light collaboration to get your creativity flowing or join in open-ended “group assignments” to challenge yourself for a longer endeavor. If you find yourself inspired or motivated to create or try something you haven’t tried before, then we have done our job.

As a registered user, you can upload whichever non-copyrighted media you choose, whether it be a photo or a video, a song or sound, a scan of a drawing, a short story or article…whatever. If your content is approved, the community is invited to provide a creative response. For example, one person submits a short video with no sound, and invites others to create a soundtrack. Someone might write the first paragraph of a story, then someone else adds another paragraph, and so on.

We are at the zygote stage of our development and the possibilities for growth and innovation are endless. So hop on as our imaginations take us on the ride of a lifetime…or at least, the ride of a lunchtime.

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