“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Well, the rumors persists that Ernest Hemingway was sitting around with a bunch of his writer friends when he offered the lads a $10 bet that he could write a complete story in 6 words. Of course the table balked…but they ponied up the money when Hemingway displayed the hand-written napkin that said, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” The story had a beginning, a middle and an end….and the writers had $10 less in their pockets.

There is no verified documentation backing up this story’s validity…but who cares? It makes for a great read and it also sparks the brain’s curiosity.

Ernest Hemingway - One kick-ass dude.

One of the more important roles in bookmaking is that of the editor. An editor takes out all of the mucky-muck nonsense and whittles down the story to the important elements. The editor is the person you blame when you find yourself skimming full paragraphs to get to the meat of the story…because they haven’t done their job properly.

A 6 word story is the ultimate edit. To be complete it must be profound; your brain should make a conclusion and keep you thinking.

With this Collective we are searching for The Ultimate 6 Word Story (ironic, isn’t it, that the title only has 5 words?).

This will be a weekly feature and we welcome any jaw-dropping, mind melding subject ideas. We’re excited to get your brain juices fired up to see what you devise.

So to begin the journey I’m going to go to one of my favorite sites for random queries, stumbleupon.com and click Stumble…and…I’m back.

The homework for this week’s The Ultimate 6 Word Story is:


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ll right people…let’s get this party started.