The Witches of Eastwood

Ok…I’m sure they’re not witches…but it went along with my play on words. If we were talking about the Real Housewives I would have said, “The Bitches of Eastwood”. However we are talking about Clint Eastwood’s wife and children making a reality show.

The E! Network is launching the first of 10 episodes on May 20th and we’ll get to follow Dina Eastwood and the clan and watch their lifestyle.

It seems from Joan Rivers to Kendra Wilkinson every A, C, D, D, E…to Z list actor would like a piece of the reality pie. They are fascinating simply because they are celebrities but isn’t the formula getting a tad bit, dare I say it, tired?

Personally, if there is a celebrity involved in a reality TV show, I would prefer the network pick a consummate professional so that I may watch them work.

Bring on Louis C.K. and let us peak in on how he develops his routine. How does he find a joke? Does it just come to him or does he have a team of pros working by his side? Let us see him decide what works and what fails and why and how he either drops the material or refines it to make it palatable.

How about Bernadette Peters? The Broadway Legend could allow a few cameras to shadow her while she goes from rehearsal to performance and all the business and charity nuance in between.

Find a successful choreographer and let us delve into their creative process from beginning to end as they choreograph something spectacular. Maybe we could learn the dance along the way.

That is what I’m looking for, Hollywood. I don’t need to see the celebrities x-rays their asses or bicker with spouses. I want to see their talent. I want to see how they work and think and perform under pressure.

Or is that too PBS for y’all?

How about you, audience? Who would give you a thrill to “fly on the wall”?


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