“If only…” What happens when your list gets too long.

Thought we’d add this very simple yet profound “Life Tip” to your consciousness today.

Take a moment to look at the Special Someone in your life. Of course, I’m not asking for your examination if you’re currently satisfied in your relationship. So, if you are one of those who is currently riding around on a unicorn surrounded by rainbow butterflies please giddyup elsewhere.

I’m speaking to those ladies and gents who find themselves in a state of dis-ease. If you are mentally notating a list of “if only my Special Someone would do this… or do that… or change this…” then you need to take your heart out of the equation and ask why they aren’t doing those things. Are they understandable requests? Are they valid? Are they easy?

If you answer yes to any of those questions then your Special Someone is not treating you as the #1 Person in their Life and sadly, that may mean that you aren’t the #1 Person in their Life.

Remember, you deserve to be treated as special and precious.

If you’re not being treated as such, maybe it’s time to find someone who will treat you that way.


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