Take the “plan” out of planting.

I’m a horrible gardener. I wish so badly that I had a green thumb but honestly, it’s more of a magenta color. Last year I had the grand notion of creating an Excel spreadsheet of what to garden, when to garden, where to garden and was content that I had created some sort of magic page for the perfect harvest.

I was wrong. Sprout Robot

Yes, I had spent hours gathering all of this information but once I hit “save as perfectharvestgarden.xlss” the information got stored and I NEVER pulled it up again.

Aaaahhh…if only there was some sort of magical robot who could lead me down the garden path.

Enter Sprout Robot. This catchy little website will alert you via email when it’s time to plant and you’ll have the seeds because they will have already sent them to you. It’s delineated by zip code so just pop yours in and Sprout Robot will do the rest.

Now I would like to officially request an “Exercise Me Robot”.



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