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We’ve brought back our writers (one male, one female) to address the subject of romance. Now, we’re not talking a “Wham-Bam-Thank You-Ma’am” playlist. We’re talking “as close as you can get-staring deeply into your eyes-two people alone in a crowded room-sharing a heartbeat” music. The last music installment listed 6 songs apiece but after ruminating for longer than they should, the authors pulled out 3 classics. What does that mean? Does the general popularity enjoy listening to songs of heartbreak more than love? Or do you simply remember better the music from a sad time in your life?

A Man’s Perspective A Woman’s Perspective
Let’s Get Lost-
Chet Baker

A joyous romp, celebrating “the night we found each other”, this west coast jazz standard captures the spontaneity of a first kiss or a midnight skinny-dip. Hard to sit still when the trumpet, piano, stand-up bass and drums kick in, telling the world, “were in that crazy mood”. An obvious affront to the Eisenhower era when the world was recorded in black and white, this just swings with a colorful intensity. Chet Baker delivers the lyric in deadpan irony, like a beat poet raging against the tyrannical oppression of his recent parking ticket. “You don’t have to take it serious, man, just dig it!!!” Whether you are sitting or standing, you will be dancing.

So in Love
kd lang

kd lang. Man, there is just something about her voice that can make the straightest of women question their own sexuality. If you are looking to set the stage for honest to goodness romance then simply turn down the light, put on a bit of candlelight to enhance the mood, turn on this song and ask her to dance. And not one of those high school slow dances, either. Hold your hand firmly at the base of her back and turn her hand into yours so that you can easily lift her hand to your mouth and brush your lips to her fingertips. When kd sings“taunt me, hurt me, deceive me, desert me…” look her deep into her eyes and tell her, “so in love with you, am I.”

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
Ella Fitzgerald

Hard to imagine a 71 year old song might be used to conjure romance but this gem stands as a playful reminder that you nor I invented carnal knowledge and when handled by the velvet voice of the First Lady of Song, it is an effusive testimony of the hip-shaking power of subtlety. Backed only by a piano and brushes on a snare, Ella absolutely steams. She dissects every syllable as if it were a soulful kiss. She hits every consonant with such wanton efficiency that it can render adults to blush and children to giggle as she professes without shame or pretense that’ “horizontally speaking, he’s at his very best”. In the end we realize that Ella no longer has the man, but in the wake of her temporal monologue, we are left with so much more.

Embraceable You
Nat King Cole

I have a theory that the most romantic of voices are those that sound like their vocal chords have been lightly sanded, creating an almost fuzzy, warm tone. Nat King Cole, kd lang…their voices are steps above that. They sound as if their chords have been sand blasted with velvet, leaving me feeling just as raw and exposed as their music. As Cole sings, “Above all I want my arms about you. Don’t be a naughty baby, Come to papa — come to papa — do! My sweet embraceable you…” I yearn to walk up to my lover, open his arms and simply crawl inside. I want to feel him and smell him and taste him and get as physically close that I feel might actually move through him. The song is that yummy.

Van Morrison

Nobody celebrated love so unabashedly as Van the Man. Here, he starts of in a whisper over the flute and piano that drives this groove like a pelvic grind. Not sure anybody has ever used the word “fantabulous” with such lusty confidence before or since. Brandishing his poetry like a sword-bearing Eros, he paints pictures of absolute bacchanalia. By the time he takes the mute off his vocal trumpet and lets out about the glossy glee of “the nights magic” well, if you’re not on the train by now, you weren’t going anywhere. The chorus asks, “Can I just have one more moondance…” It really isn’t a question but more of a declarative statement.

The Way You Look Tonight
Harry Connick, Jr.

There are so many renditions of this song but I chose Harry Connick, Jr.’s to represent here because there is a bit of melancholy in his version. When you are standing there with your lover and you are in a completely perfect moment there is so much love and so much happiness but deep, deep down there is also just a tinge of sadness because you realize that this moment is fleeting. That realization makes us cling tighter, look deeper, kiss harder. We all want to keep and hold that one moment where we are complete, invisible, and magical. Play this song during that moment and it’ll remind you to capture and hold the memory so that when difficult times inevitably come you have that wonderful glorious feeling on which to reflect and remember. “Some day, when I’m awfully low, When the world is cold, I will feel a glow just thinking of you…And the way you look tonight.”

Written by D.A. Latta Written by Cindy French

Do you have a song that floats your love boat? Respond via comments! We’d love to get your perspective!


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