Inspirational Words to Help You Deal with Grief

I’ve read close to 33,000 letters on and occasionally I get stopped by the message and think, “Wow, that’s so universal and true.” With permission from the author to post his name I give you the letter “There is always hope.” Thank you, Daniel!

There is always hope

by Daniel Chenault

It ended and you either feel empowered or bereaved. Whether it was from someone dying, someone being a jerk or some other reason (and there are always many reasons) the fact is that it is over.

It hurts. Yes, it does even if you feel empowered that you got rid of a negative influence in your life. It’s part of being human – growth is not possible without pain. Don’t hide from those feelings however painful they may be, however sad they make you. You have to face them, accept them, understand them and then you will grow from them.

  • Doesn’t seem like anything is worthwhile though, right? That’s fear talking.
  • But women/men are such bitches/jerks! That’s anger talking.
  • But I don’t want to feel this way again! That’s sadness talking
  • But I’m the one for him/her! That’s sorrow talking.

  • Understand what you are feeling and why and, when you do, you will experience growth, you will learn from your mistakes as well as the other person’s mistakes and use that to build a better tomorrow.

    And there is always a tomorrow. There is always another opportunity however bleak that may seem at this moment. Whether you work to be ready for that opportunity or continue doing what you have been doing (which obviously hasn’t been working) is totally up to you – tomorrow and what it brings will happen in either event.

    Your happiness is in your own hands, it really is. This is not a homily or a feel-good one-liner meant to cheer you up – it is truth. Accept it or not, it is the truth. And when you find that other person, remember the lessons you learned. Use the pain from your mistakes to motivate you to do better. In this fast-paced world of sound bites, quick anger and selfishness a little bit goes a long ways.

    Give of yourself every day in some way. Whether you help an elderly person walk across the parking lot or volunteer at a shelter or whatever, find something every day that requires you to give something of yourself expecting nothing in return. If you find yourself in a relationship that experience will do wonders and if you don’t you will feel better about yourself.

    It gets better. Really, it does. But, my friend, it takes effort. No one beats a path to your door – you have to build the path for them.


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