Back to the Future photo collection

I have a love affair with the website stumbleupon because it allows me to find things I would never ordinarily run across. This artist from Buenos Aries has been collecting these “back to the future” photos and displaying them on her site.

I look at these photos and instantly go through the card catalog of my brain and nowhere would I be able to replicate a photo from my childhood. I am AMAZED at the details. But really, do these people ever redecorate? Ever?!? Many of these were taken in South America or Europe…so maybe it’s also a statement of the “throw away” mentality of us Americans. Regardless…this is fantastic. I wold love to reproduce the photo of me as a toddler climbing up onto a chair as my grandma’s dog, Duke, pulls my pants down. But alas, that Duke has long since started his eternal dirt nap and my ass probably wouldn’t even fit in that chair any longer.

Check out more of Irina Werning and her work at her website: or to watch a great NPR interview with her just click


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