Faith Hill and Photoshop Fail

Sorry about the title but I adore alliteration.

Somebody posted this image of Faith Hill on Redbook Magazine. It’s been sitting in a window on my computer for 2 days, waiting for me. You see, in good conscience I can’t “x” out of the window, not without posting about it first.

So take a look…you’ll see the photoshop and non-photoshop images…

Ok, now let me continue.


I will admit that I would NOT have known the difference had it not been pointed out to me. I would have stood in the supermarket lane, purveyed the tabloids to see who was having sex with whom, which aged celebrity was on his/her last breath, which starlet’s baby was wearing Prada, and cast barely a glance at the Redbook Cover (does anybody even read Redbook)? However, the light has already been cast on the dirty skeezy magazine industry so now I am forced to comment.

I like the ORIGINAL photo better.

She looks human. She looks healthy. She looks happy. (Damn that alliteration again!). Truly though, it is a great photo. She looks genuine, approachable, beautiful.

I would love to start a revolution encouraging magazines to publish photos with minimal Photoshop. What’s your opinion on the subject?


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