What is Love?

With this being our first Heart Surgery post, it led me to thinking about our hearts and the definition of love.

Love is such a common word that has been spread thin in its meaning. We all understand the Hallmark definition of Love but when we look deep within our core what do we see? What does it mean to you? Is it different depending upon your age? Do you want different things depending upon your circumstances? Does Love ebb and flow and change direction or is it a constant?

What are your 5 “must-have” qualities before you will declare your love? I’ve listed mine below but I think I’ll revisit them next year to see if they’ve changed. My 5 are:

    1. Trust - I mean – if I’m giving you my heart completely I have to trust you not to break it.
    2. Morality - Our morals need to match up. I admire the person who will stand up for another person. Hmmm – is that also strength?
    3. Kindness - A kind eye will melt me.
    4. Humor - Someone once said, “Fuck funny.” and I didn’t get it until I dated someone with a wicked sense of humor. “Funny” is very, very sexy.
    5. Family - “See how they treat their mother.” – Words to live by. A need to act as a family makes me feel comfortable and loved.

Now let’s apply Love to our senses. Choose a word(s) that describe love in regard to the sense of:

    Sight -
    Sound -
    Smell -
    Touch -
    Taste -

Take the 5 qualities you came up with and join them with the words of your senses to see if you can assemble a poem. Not only will it give you a better understanding of your desires…but it’s also a great creative writing exercise.

Post your answers in a comment. I’d love to see what you come up with. I’ll get started on mine.


One Response to What is Love?

  1. the_brain the_brain says:


    Sight – his smile
    Sound – soft singing
    Smell – strong cup of coffee
    Touch – his lips on my neck
    Taste – cinnamon

    His lips graze my neck as he walks hurriedly into the kitchen
    He turns back quickly and hums a silly tune as his smile reaches up to his eyes.
    The coffee cup is hot in my hands and the steam rises like a charmed serpent
    His voice gets louder and as he sings of love in a cartoon voice I believe his intentions
    He returns with my breakfast and as always, a napkin
    They are all my favorites. He knows them from memory.
    “Kids, breakfast is ready!” he sings from the stairs.
    Life is good.

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