I’ve got a case of Superhydrophobia!

Superhydrophobic and Nanotechnology.

Those words individually make me think of Star Trek and the future of my great grandchildren’s great-grandchildren. However, Ross Technology Corp has combined those two words in the present and created something completely OUT OF THIS WORLD. It’s called NeverWet. If hydrophobic repels water, then imagine how SUPERhydrophobic would handle that same water. You’ve got to watch the video to see it. Let me know if you need helping picking your jaw off of the ground.

You can spray it on any clothing. And because it repels these liquids you are looking at zero bacteria.

Could you imagine what it would do to the surgical world and its continual “sterile” struggle? Spray the gowns, spray the masks, spray the INSTRUMENTS. Spray the hospital lights, the tables, the floors, the bedpans, the syringes. Would you need to continue to make syringes? Or could you simply give multiple flu shots to multiple people?

There are so many places I would like to spray this product. So, so, so many bacteria-festering places. I would like to spray it:

  • in the receptacle of gum/candy vending machines
  • in my toilet bowl
  • in my shower
  • on my windshield
  • in my fridge
  • in, on and around every pre-school, elementary, junior high and high school
  • Do you have hot spots that make your stomach curdle at the mere mention? If so, where would you spray?

    Lastly, because I was privy to the endings of too many disaster films I really hope this ends well. I mean, it’s NANOtechnology. That’s the really small stuff that can invade our cells, permeate our brain and then turn us into zombies. Just sayin’.

    Oh, and to read the article accompanying this video, please visit the site by clicking on:


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