Kim Kardashian and Marriage

A lot of people are PISSED OFF about this whole marriage/divorce thing with Kim Kardashian and that tall dude.

I can’t blame them…I mean, people stand at their pulpit, bible in hand, preaching about the sanctity of marriage. They rally and pay thousands of dollars to stop same sex couples from marrying because it’s “not right”…and then along comes a Kardashian to fuck it up.

I’ve been watching my Facebook feed light up like a Christmas tree from gay man after gay man, all in long-term committed relationships, who aren’t given the same privilege of a Kardashian. And let me just say, you do NOT want to piss of the gays. They are fierce and they remember. Keep that in mind, Kimmie, the next time you’re in hair and wardrobe.

I saw this little gif on the internet and it brought a smile. I am guilty of flipping the TV channels and stopping long enough on E! to catch the crazy shenanigans of the Kardashians and did happen to see this little clip. I think the new version will hit home with more people.

What’s your stance?


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