In honor of our new site…

It’s hard to resist making the comparison between our launching of this site and this video.

Granted we are not a full blown man but we do feel that we’ve been in the “gestation” stage long enough and it’s time to “make like a baby and head out”.

Enough of the puns. Enjoy the video…but if you are a man and have never been witness to a live birth — or if you’re a woman and have never been witness to a live birth — and ESPECIALLY if you’re a pregnant woman and this will be your FIRST live birth — do NOT watch any of the videos listed after this video airs. I can’t guarantee content…but if they’re anything like what I watched it’s a whole bunch of screaming, pleading, blood, entrails, etc. I know I am knew to you and you don’t know me from Adam…but trust me.


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