I’ll give YOU the finger…and the other finger…and this finger…

Adorable and simple little finger drawings. Someone has collected the 10 cutest finger drawings RIGHT HERE.

It was MY dream (and my good friend Terry’s) to produce and star in “Toe Theatre” – an entire musical production made up completely of our toes. We had portions of West Side Story down perfectly “Toe-Night, Toe-Night…” but alas the dream has not come to fruition.

Maybe we should add some toe drawings to the list in honor of that dream. I always feel like the 3rd and 4th toes are somewhat ignored.

Aside from these photos, drawing on your hands brings to mind Senior Wences. Now HE was a ventriloquist’s ventriloquist. “S’all right?”, “S’all right!”

Enjoy a little of the Wences Magic.


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