Dear Photograph…

Stumbled across this site again recently and realized it really stuck with me. When something sticks you want to share it with other people…so that’s what I’m doing. The whole concept is both simple and daunting. Grab a photograph taken a time long (or not so long ago), match the image to the original setting and then take a picture of you holding the photograph.

I posted a few of these below and the captions are fabulous. Makes me think of the photos I could find…of my mom’s red Camaro (the first car she bought by herself at around the age of 45) or all of us kids crammed up on my grandparents heart so that we could sing Christmas carols while my grandpa played the organ.

Photographs themselves seem to be a dying commodity. It’s so rare that people print out their photos, opting instead for the digital visual.

This site has certainly gotten me reminiscing and wondering what I could capture.

What’s the first photo that comes to your mind?

Dear Photograph, Now that he’s gone, I can still hear his wisdom whispering to me amongst the thorns in my life. My grandpa taught me so much. Jessica

Dear Photograph, Remember when you had to come home when the street light came on? Where are the good old days when the neighborhood was full of kids outside playing tag, hide ‘n seek and wiffle ball? Those were kick the can fun times! Linda

To visit this site please click: Dear Photograph


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