Adam Levine – missing a little sumpin-sumpin

So Adam Levine posed with his girlfriend in the Russian Vogue or Журнал VOGUE (for those who speak Russian).

Look, I’m all for Photoshop. I’m guilty of taking the family photos and “relaxing” wrinkles and “powdering” shiny spots on faces…but take a look at the photo. Notice anything missing? How about his entire small intestine and a kidney or two. Did NOBODY in all of Russia notice this? Did Adam Levine notice this? I think to a certain degree we all delude ourselves into what we really look like…however even when I’ve felt my hottest I could still see my stomach.

I feel badly for the guy. I mean, he’s missing a good portion of his innards…although I have heard that the guts are the one portion of your body that can continue to work on the outside of your body. Maybe his colon was like a drag queen’s tuck job, maybe it was just taped behind him.


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